Ground Now Set for Another Managerial Change at Tottenham?

10 March 2014 10:34

Capitulation is the action of surrendering or ceasing to resist an opponent. Capitulation also seems to be the buzz word when describing Tottenham’s performance against Chelsea this past Saturday.

Spurs manager Tim Sherwood blasted his team over their “lacking of guts and character” after the match. He went on to say “"It hurts me and I won't forget about this when we hit the motorway, but some might,". The issue here is that the team may forget about their 10 man performance against the Premier League leaders, but remember how you humiliated and berated them in the press.

That is not all Sherwood accomplished. He has also been vocal about the possibility of being replaced by Louis van Gaal after the World Cup this summer. Sherwood stated “The silence is deafening, isn’t it? It’s up to Daniel. I didn’t know if he was at the game or not. Maybe he was travelling”. You can be sure the Spurs Chairman was aware of the match results and the words spoken by his manager. Levy, to this point has not made any comments to quell the rumors of a possible managerial change which has to play on Sherwood’s mind.

Sherwood’s act of “I’m tough and angry” routine is starting to become common place and now tearing apart your team after a match cannot go far in rally the troops. Sherwood may already know that he is on his way out; hence the outburst on Saturday. But if he hopes to one day coach again at the highest level, he may want to search for a new way to express his anger. Chairmen of football clubs don’t care much for their managers calling them out in the press. You do that “after” you’ve been sacked.


Source: DSG