Gazza - My heart stopped

16 March 2009 07:49
Paul Gascoigne has told Sky News his heart stopped three times while in rehab.[LNB] Gazza told presenter Kay Burley that last year's sudden rumours that he had died were closer to the truth than the public realised.[LNB]He said: "My heart failed on us a few times," adding that his father John had collapsed with worry at his illness.[LNB]The interview, in the company of his father, sister Lindsay and two young nephews shows the ex-Newcastle and Tottenham player having a kickabout on the beach.[LNB]And he proudly declares: "No-one is ever going to be as good as I was."[LNB]The player is visibly moved when both the youngsters say he is their favourite ever player.[LNB]Gascoigne's career was marred by alcohol and violence towards his ex-wife Sheryl.[LNB]Addressing the attack he said: "If you are sitting in a restaurant and somebody calls your mum a w****, which she did, and for no reason, I don't like that and yes, I got a hold of her arms and I did put my head against her head, I didn't head butt her but I threw her to the floor and yes I was disgusted with myself for what I did.[LNB]"I went to therapy; I sat with 15-20 women and told them exactly what I did. I got punched off a few women for doing what I did but I took the punches and I accepted it, I got hammered but I went through this course and it is the one thing I ever did in my life and that was it and I get hammered for it."[LNB]In a startlingly frank admission he says he feels "used" by his son Regan.[LNB]DrinkingHe said: "I have drove down to be with my son and he takes us to the school and shows them obviously this is my dad, and I went to assembly and then I sign everything for the kids, and then see, that is it proved to everyone that I am his dad, sort of thing and then he goes back home and that leaves me, I don't know, I feel like I am being used by my own son here."[LNB]Gascoigne has had a well-publicised battle with alcohol, and admits that only four months ago he was drinking 30 cans of Special Brew (strong lager) per day.[LNB]But Gascoigne says he can be around alcohol without giving in to temptation.[LNB]"I can be around it now because all I have got to do is remember my last drink. If I remember my last drink, which I can't, well I sort of can, getting fed with a spoon because I had the shakes that bad."[LNB]He also describes his suicide attempt.[LNB]"In the bath yes, it's the easy way out they say, you know, take a few sleeping tablets, nice little warm bath and have a few drinks and just drop. I had just had enough, I had had enough of everything, you know."[LNB]Gascoigne continues: "I rang my sister just to say, I am going to run a bath. I think she might have had a clue, I don't know if it was a plea for help but I did have enough anyway so I wasn't bothered.[LNB]"And I just said, look I am in the bath and I will always love you, or something like that, and put the phone down, and I run the bath and I lay in the bath and just felt myself dropping off and I remember just getting ready, like dozing off you know and then the police burst in. About six police dragged us out of the bath."[LNB]

Source: SKY_Sports