Gareth Bale: The final nail in Daniel Levy's coffin as Tottenham Chairman?

30 May 2013 12:41

Whilst this may be a somewhat touchy subject to some, I would like to cover this aspect of any potential Gareth Bale deal mainly for those with a glimmer of hope in keeping him.

In Daniel Levy's end of season report, he made a promise to the fans that in essence 'we will not let go of our star players', which has also been emphasized in press conferences throughout various parts of last season by Andre Villas-Boas. It appears as though opinion is divided on what the club should really do in this situation: sell Gareth for £60-80m depending on the club and invest in other areas or keep him and build a squad around him that's capable of challenging for major honors.

Daniel Levy understandably has a very difficult decision to make. If he handles this situation correctly in the eyes of the White Hart Lane faithful, nothing will have changed. But should he succumb to the 'child snatcher-like' baiting of Florentino Perez and sell - I feel that this would be enough to finally knock the parrot from its post.

Daniel Levy's decision not to invest in another striker single-handedly cost Tottenham Champions League football next season. There isn't enough room in his locker to make another bad decision - he must get it right or else. I don't know if I am the only one, but I am certainly getting tired of his lack of judgement and willingness to do something at the most important time. Missing out on the Champions League shouldn't have happened in the first place, but did. If we are to progress as a team, we need to go about our business with real commitment and intent - either Levy and the board are with us, or they are not. Only time will tell what happens.

I for one hope to see Gareth Bale grace the grass of White Hart Lane for at least one more season. If we can build a squad with several 'World Class' players taking the weight off the poor lads shoulders, there is no saying where we will end up at the end of next year. We have the 'next Ronaldo' in our starting eleven, some clubs would really kill to be in our position right now. Lets just hope his agent can keep schtum from now until the end of the transfer window too as that only makes matters harder.


Source: DSG