Gareth Bale should stay in London with Tottenham

25 February 2013 12:46

Welsh Wizard Bale should snub Madrid and stay in London with Spurs where the future is brighter.

If you are Gareth Bale and you analyze which pitch you should be playing on in the future you would think that Real Madrid is the odds on favorite destination, as Bale idolizes Ronaldo. Although his former Spurs teammate Luka Modric left North London for the Spanish Capital in the summer.

Well not so fast my friend, if I am a close advisor to the young Welsh megastar I would offer this this cautionary tale.

In Madrid success is sure to follow in the future. Today you could argue that they are staring at a rebuilding process.

The best days of the club seem to be behind them as the club is 16 points behind rival Barcelona in the league and they are staring a daunting task of traveling to Old Trafford which could spell doom in there Champions League run for this season.

So do you really want to join a club that is about to go through the transition of their manager as the reports continue to mount that the “Special One” Jose Mourinho is about ready to claim the throne at Stamford Bridge. So if you wanted to play for the manager who helped in the growth of Ronaldo then you might want to think again.

So who is going to be his replacement in Madrid, at this point there are only speculation but one name that is surfacing could be Arsene Wenger if he is forced out of Arsenal, could you really play for him? Seems like a bit of uncertainity.

Reports are also beginning to surface that Ronaldo might be making his journey back to England, as Sir Alex is considering a summer swoop for his former star in an attempt to bring him back to Old Trafford. Not to mention that you cannot put it past teams like Manchester City or Chelsea making a mega bucks offers to bring him to either one of those clubs.

Also as a competitor wouldn’t you rather match your skills one on one with the guy you are patterning your game after rather playing in his shadows?

It was widely reported for two years that Modric wanted to leave for Champions League football and he felt Madrid was the only place he could do that, but if you read the league table today your Spurs are only 1 point behind Chelsea for third and only 5 points behind current champions Manchester City for second place so Champions League football could be back at North London next year.

Modric himself has found life difficult as he was famously voted this season’s biggest flop transfer buy. Real Madrid are playing in the Champions League but your teammate has found those minutes very hard to come by in his first season as he has found the sledding very difficult in La Liga. So you might want to dance with the devil you know then the one you don’t?

So what do you know at Tottenham and why you should stay?

You already know that you have a young brash manager in Andre Villas-Boas, who worked under the “Special One” at Stamford Bridge, who you know is ready to measure himself against his mentor and the rest of Europe’s football elite.

The Tottenham/Chelsea rivalry will take on even more epic story lines in the future with those two managers. Those are the games that world watches and you would be part of it. Really other than the “Classico” how many other marquee matchups does the world stop to watch as they do on a weekly basis in the Premier League.

The club is beginning to assemble to some real young talent around you with the summer acquisitions of Mousa Dembele and Jan Vertonghen and the winter swoop of highly rated Lewis Holtby. That talent is only going to multiply this summer as players will want to flock to North London to play next to you as they want to be part of playing next to the new “Great One”. Players will marvel playing next to you the “Welsh Wizard” as players does when they play next to Ronaldo.

At White Hart Lane the Spurs are banging on the door of the football elite and with patience you would be the man leading that team who kicks the door down as Tottenham takes their place at the table and that future may not be as far down the road as some fans and critics might argue.

You do not appear to be a money hungry selfish footballer that most of the players of today, you seem to be kin to the old school players who played for the love of Club and Country who wanted to be measured by the number of trophies and medals won not by size of your their bank accounts.

Now mind you that you deserve a fair wage and at Tottenham they should be certainly are able to provide a comfortable life for you and your family with the new revenue streams coming with the new Stadium in the future. But the endorsements possibilities that you should be afforded in London could be staggering and should make you’re off the pitch income soar to a point that it should more than make up for any loss wages. I also offer you this thought if the Financial Fair Play rules come into effect might Madrid be able to treble your wages as they have been able to do with other players in the past.

Why not stay at a place that at this point is more stable and on the upswing in terms of future success? The club itself has never been more stable with the New Stadium plans well underway which is going to allow the team to have untold riches that they haven’t known in the past.

So if I were your advisor Gareth Bale, stay where you are at if you leaves that the pitch is greener at Madrid. Rather I would tell you that if you continue to play in the form you are today then in 10 years’ time there will be a statue in your likeness out in front of the New White Lane and you will go down as the greatest Spur ever.

Source: DSG