Gareth Bale bigger than Spurs?

11 February 2013 09:06

Gareth Bale has been the focal point of Tottenham this season and hasn't been shyof expressing a desire for Champions League football, something that Spursnarrowly missed out on last season. With praise coming in from managers, playersand pundits alike his own manager AVB has said that Bale can reach the dizzyheights of one of the best players on the planet, Cristiano Ronaldo.

However is it to early to say that they already are on a similar level. While in thePremier League it is easy to see that Ronaldo’s goal scoring record is far, farsuperior with over double the amount of goals bale has scored, (CR:66 in 163 andGB:32 in 134) Gareth Bale actually just shades Ronaldo in terms of shootingaccuracy recording 49% with Ronaldo 2% behind.

While playing for United Ronaldo got more assists, but what interests me is thathaving played less games Bale has created the same amount of chances for histeam-mates that Ronaldo did, and it is fair to say that Man U’s Premier League andChampions League winning team of 2008 is better than the current Spurs squad,with Bale crossing to Defoe and Adebayor and Ronaldo to Tevez and Rooney. Nythe way I believe that Defoe and Adebayor are qulaity strikers but not near the levelof Tevez and Rooney.

On the subject of crossing Bale, remembering that this is in fewer games thanRonaldo, has put in almost 100 more crosses with a better accuracy than thePortuguese star.

I believe Ronaldo is snapping at Messi’s heels for number 1 in the world and Balehas an almost impossible task of reaching that level. However Bale is far to good tobe playing for a side not in the Champions League and while no player is biggerthan any club Bale is a bigger talent than all of the other Tottenham players andthey will struggle to keep him.

How highly do you rate Bale? Are his talents being wasted at Tottenham? Whereshould he go if he leaves the North London club.

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Source: DSG