Dejavu or can Spurs recover and claim that Champions League place?

19 March 2013 08:52

So Spurs lose two games in a row and the footballing world goes crazy, with murmerings about how Arsenal can catch and pass Spurs and that they will struggle to stay in the top four.

I for one am not really worried about the situation and to be honest I don’t think there will be a slump like last year, don’t get me wrong Spurs have two tough games coming up against Swansea and Everton and I feel at least 4 points is realistic if not the full six points.

AVB was in the press today saying how he isn’t worried and still sees Spurs in the top four and with hard work and results going Spurs’ way then second is still a possibility. I feel we have a much stronger and unified squad than last year and I’m hoping the Spurs players will not be sitting at home thinking here we go again and losing confidence with themselves.

I will say for one that I am a little panicky and as a Spurs fan will be glad to see Spurs with a win to end the so called Slump that they are in, surely it can’t happen again surely the players can’t let themselves down and after such a fantastic year surely the champions league is at least the minimum requirement this year, maybe as I said in a previous article, maybe the Europa league at this time of the season is more of an hindrance to the players, fatigue maybe settling in after such a long season, but then again they should be handling it with the salaries they are on.

Let’s hope AVB can get the team back on track and get the first win again, all I have to say is come on Spurs please as a supporter finish above arsenal and qualify for the champion’s league.

Source: DSG