Barcelona or Bayern would be a better fit for Bale

25 May 2013 03:01

Gareth Bale, whose emergence to superstardom this season has been overshadowed by Tottenham’s failure to beat Arsenal and Chelsea to a Champions League next year, is coveted by the biggest clubs around the world this summer. Reports continue to appear every day linking him to Real Madrid, the latest of which has been endorsed by none other than French football legend, Zinedine Zidane. While Andre Villas Boas continues to reiterate that the Welsh sensation would stay put in North London this season despite their failure to guarantee him Champions League, it would indeed be intriguing to see how his future unfolds and if he would add to his legacy at one of Europe’ biggest clubs like Barca and Bayern Munich.

Real Madrid might be a favoured destination for Bale but Bale might experience more success if he chooses to go to a club like Barca or Bayern Munich – clubs which have established a culture for consistent success and great football talent. Both these clubs have had more or less stable managerial stints over the last decade when compared to Real and an added advantage exists in the form of the most coveted Pep Guardiola who rose to fame with the Catalans and will most likely have a promised future in Munich. Real, on the contrary, had the Special One but not so special times. They managed to break Barca’s stronghold over the league title but it was just a one-off occurrence and they just didn’t have enough in them to continue the domination for another season.

Barca and Bayern are rarely, if never, in the news for the wrong reasons like managerial squabbles, front office dissatisfaction or players speaking out against the boss. Bale, whose superb skills in front of the goal, could truly blossom into a player in the league of Messi or Ronaldo, could have his best come out by joining such clubs where the atmosphere is solely dedicated for success and accomplishment.

Real Madrid is a great club no doubt, with an illustrious history, but improper management and lack of insight have contributed to poor results and all show but less accomplishment. Whether or not Bale would be playing at another club after the summer is still not certain, but with the likes of Messi and Xavi and Iniesta on one side, Pep, Robben and Schweinsteiger on another, it would be hard to ignore an offer to join them if they decide to come calling.

Source: DSG