Bale to ask to leave Spurs for Madrid?

25 June 2013 04:10

So today we read that Bale is going to ask to be allowed to leave for Madrid, this isn't on just one website and is appearing in the BBC gossip column as well, so really the question is what can we make of the rumours?

Would it be a bad thing for him to leave?.

As a fan I hope he doesn't, but if you look at the financial implications £85 million is a lot of money and can go towards the striker the left back and the creative midfielder the team so desperately craves.

We know the club has money to spend and by the looks of the deal regarding Paulinho it is obvious there is money there.

Would the extra money from the sale of Bale be really that bad or would it allow us to really sign quality players and make Spurs really true contenders for the title if not at least top four.

I know that there's going to be a lot of people out there who won’t agree with me but I see these people as the people who are fans of the player and not the club.

No matter what I think about the player as a fan of the club I’m hoping he does stay, but if that amount of money was offered, and I was Levy I would be biting the hand of Perez to accept it.

Look at what the club are able to do with it as long as it is invested in a way that would benefit the team, and not going in Lewis or Levy’s pocket then why not accept it.

Source: DSX