Bale Scores and Spurs Draw, but is this the end of the Champions League dream?

29 April 2013 09:04

Bale scored and Spurs drew against Wigan, so I’m asking is this it? Is the season finished for the Lillywhites? People that know me or have read my articles before will know this is hard for me to say, being a lifelong fan, but I wrote in an article recently that Spurs had to win against Wigan to really maintain their push for the top four. the only saving grace is that Arsenal are at Man United and if the result goes to Man United then there is a glimmer of hope.

If Spurs do fail then who is to blame? Is it AVB or is it Levy? Or is the 433 system liable or is it the lack of transfer activity in January that caused the issue? We as fans see the chairman as the culprit is the fact that Spurs haven’t signed a £20 million pound striker that is craved by the fans.

I for one am not sure really were my opinion lies on this matter I want to be a fan and say chairman out but then again are we missing the fact the guy did spend nearly £40 million in the summer on players like Vertonghen and Dembele to name a few or is the players that left and the income that came in when you do the maths does somewhat outweigh the expenditure.

Now I’m not a jump on the bandwagon person but I would of liked to of seen more activity, and for once to of addressed the striker situation. I can’t think of anyone Spurs have had apart from Jurgen klinsmann and Clive Allen that have been prolific scorers. We had all the hype out of White Hart Lane about how they nearly signed Moutinho and Damiao in August and January respectively, but I don’t want hype, and I don’t want nearly. I want contracts and the player in the jersey photo, it is almost like dangling the carrot and never feeding the donkey. I was watching a program the other day and a line that I remember was said it was “there are people that say they will and there is people that just do” well the match to Spurs is Mr Levy we can all say we nearly did this but how about you do it?

*Article written Saturday 27th April before the Arsenal v Man United game


Source: DSG