AVB to Napoli, Bale to Real Madrid, Just Rumours? or should Spurs be worried

27 May 2013 09:27

So the season has finished and already the ‘silly season’ of transfer rumours has started, let’s start with the AVB to Napoli, is it true? Well I think Spurs as a club now have to realise something and that can only be one thing ‘back the Manager or lose him’. For once I think Spurs have a manager who is young, dynamic, and ambitious and if Spurs don’t match his ambitions or at least show intent to then I’m sorry Spurs fans I think he will be out of the door. It is about time that Levy and Lewis now show the manager and fans that they are willing to take the club forward in a way that hasn't been shown before, they need to spend big if they want to want to break into the top four and bigger if they want to win the title.

Now don’t get me wrong AVB has shown no intent on leaving and to be fair throughout the season has shown the fans that this is a long term project and not an instant glory hunt. I personally don’t think he will leave but hey as we know in the footballing world anything can happen. I’m hoping deep down that AVB will sit there and think Napoli isn’t really a forward step and after the disaster at Chelsea want to show the English fans that he has what it takes to win the league and Europe at a team where the ‘nearly men’ tag seems to live on.

Now Bale to Real, will it happen? NO I don’t think so, I don’t think physically Spurs will let him go and lets be real if they do that’s not really showing AVB the ambitions he wants. Now reports this week were showing that apparently Bale had a meeting with Jo Lewis in the Caribbean to discuss his future, and I think he was giving Jo Lewis the opportunity to show him that they are going to spend big and take the club forward, and I think if they do that then Bale will sign the contract on the table and stay if there is a lot of umms and ahhs then I think Bale will look to go.

Now I’m hoping that they show Bale the commitment to the club that he wants and really isn't it about time they showed the fans that they want to go forward in a big way. I think if Spurs are to hang on to the manager and there star man then I do think the spend has got to be big.


Source: DSG