AVB and Spurs have problems... Or do they?

26 November 2013 09:44

So for the last hour I have just spent my time reading social networks and catching up on gossip on the internet.

The tweets and other internet sites are calling for the head of Andre Villas-Boas, is it a justifiable for this to be banded about or is it the over reaction of the fans who are looking for someone to blame?

I for one don’t blame AVB for the fact that the team are going through a rough patch, they do every December through to January, but the manner that they went down 6 – 0 was appalling. There was nothing going forward there was no flair no spark nobody who could string two passes together, the defence and yes nowadays that includes the goalkeeper were wayward, Lloris two clearances lead to two goals against himself, and the organisation of the defence were terrible. I was watching match of the day and Peter Schmeichal said “safety first” this was his mentality when playing football nowadays the goalkeepers want to play out of defence and be smart with the ball, do we forget the saying “If in doubt kick it out” this is what was driven into me by my coach as a kid, but yet today they try to be smart with it in their own half.

Do Spurs have a problem? I don’t think they do, I just think that the basics need to be applied when it comes to the defence, they need to kick it out of the box as far as possible and then look to build from there, this may be one area where the rotation system may have to be wavered it’s the most important and needs to be stable, if it isn’t then it can go badly wrong as it did on Sunday.

The midfield where sloppy there was no drive no mindset of going forward, this isn't’t good when you are trying to get a box scorer in Soldado the ball, if you can’t get it to him he can’t score there was no width, at one point there was Lennon, Lamella and Soldado within 15 yards of each other. How is this going to get you goals, it was a terrible game to watch as a fan it was painful as AVB seem to run out of ideas about what to do, he didn't make the changes quick enough or the right ones, he didn’t change after going two nil down when it obviously wasn't working, does this mean then that he can’t or he doesn't have the thought process to act and change it.

Soldado was none existence throughout the game he was coming so deep to get the ball that he was past the midfield it was crazy football.

To end Spurs need come back stronger in the next game and AVB needs to learn not be scared to make changes in the first half when needed.


Source: DSG

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