Arsenal expose Sherwood's tactical naivety

06 January 2014 09:30

There is something refreshing about watching the way Spurs play under Sherwood. There is an freedom that fits the attacking football that tradition and the fans demand Spurs play. Beyond this there is a nostalgia factor to seeing a 'big' English club with serious ambitions play 4-4-2.

The third round tie against Arsenal however shows why England's favourite formation is no longer played at top level football. It has also revealed just how much on the job learning that Sherwood needs to do.

Arsene Wenger sent out a central midfield trio of Rosicky, Arteta and Wilshere. These are three players are adept at keeping the ball at their feet and the opposition chasing it. Added to this was the ball keeping abilities of Santi Carzola. So lets just say that Arsenal were set up to take charge of the game in midfield.

To combat this Sherwood sent out a midfield pair of Mousa Dembele and a 19-year-old Nabil Bentaleb. Did he really think they were going to win this battle?

Sherwood then compounded this tactical error by giving full backs Rose and Walker free reign to charge up the wings in full attack mode. This may make exciting football but it is defensively feckless.

The results were again predictable. Arsenal's first goal came from Carzola finding acres of space right in the spot Walker should have been defending. The second came as a result of Danny Rose trying to play football as the last man.

Playing attacking football should be commended but Sherwood needs to grow up fast tactically if he has any hope of a successful stay at White Hart Lane.


Source: DSG