Abuse teacher spared prison term

12 November 2009 01:05
A teacher who asked a teenage pupil to have sex with him has been spared a jail sentence.Kenneth Anbany, 62, now of Hazel Grove near Stockport, groomed the 15-year-old girl for months at a Devon school. [LNB]Anbany admitted two charges of sexual activity and one count of causing or inciting the victim to have sex. [LNB]He was given a three-year community service order, banned from working with children for life and placed on the sex offenders register for five years. [LNB]Bought alcohol[LNB]The judge at Exeter Crown Court ordered eight charges relating to three other girls to be left on file. [LNB]Divorced father-of-three Anbany - who is no longer a teacher - had worked in the Exeter school, that cannot be identified for legal reasons, since May 2002. [LNB]The court heard the sexual allegations came to light when Anbany provided alcohol for a group of school pupils on a sports trip last year. [LNB]A complaint was made and Anbany was immediately suspended. [LNB]During police video interviews, allegations about hugging, kissing, and fondling were also made by teenage pupils. [LNB]It emerged that in April 2008 Anbany had taken the 15-year-old girl out of her class for a drive to an isolated car park in Haldon Woods, near Exeter, where he started kissing her. [LNB]She pushed him away but, shortly after, he asked her if he could "make love to you" in the back of his car. [LNB]As he dropped her off at home Anbany said no-one would believe her if they got into trouble. [LNB]She told her brother that her teacher had "snogged her" and she had pushed him away. [LNB]After he was arrested Anbany told police he liked "a laugh and a joke" and admitted being a "bit over familiar at times".

Source: BBC_Sport