Robins cancellation benefits Lucas

20 December 2010 03:30
Swindon goalkeeper David Lucas has revealed the postponement of Saturday's clash against Tranmere provided him with extra time to recover from a knee injury. Lucas believes he may have picked up the problem while diving around on Astroturf with Town unable to train on grass at the start of last week and the week previous. He told the club's official website: "I might have missed out on the game on Saturday as I tweaked my knee in training last week and it was still feeling sore going into the weekend, so the postponement actually gave me a bit of time to rest it which will probably work out for the best. "It was a relief to get back out on the grass (towards the end of last week) as I think this knee problem I'd picked up had probably come as a result of diving around on the Astroturf we'd been using the week before, but obviously with the weather getting colder again we might be back on it so I'll have to be careful. "That sort of surface is not really any good for `keepers in general, but for me it's really not ideal as it makes my knees sore and quite swollen and that wear and tear doesn't do me any good."

Source: PA