Swedish top-flight fixture postponed due to match-fixing concerns

18 May 2017 12:09

A league match between IFK Gothenburg and AIK has been postponed by the Swedish Football Federation because of concerns over match-fixing.

A statement from the SvFF announced the decision was taken after it emerged an AIK player had been offered money to underperform in the fixture, scheduled to take place at IFK's Gamla Ullevi stadium on Thursday night.

The player, who has not been named, informed the SvFF on Wednesday evening that he had been approached. Both clubs, the police and the Swedish professional football body were subsequently contacted.

Police have also launched an investigation into the incident.

The statement said: "An AIK player was contacted on Tuesday by a suspected so-called match-fixer, who offered him a large sum of money.

"Making harmful threats, the fixer in return demanded the player underperform in this evening's away match against IFK Gothenburg.

"The attempt to rig the Allsvenska match between IFK Gothenburg and AIK took place on Tuesday. The AIK player was called to a meeting at which he was offered a substantial amount in compensation, if he actively contributed to the club losing this evening's scheduled match."

Hakan Sjostrand, the general secretary of the SVFF, added: "It's not just about a single match. This is a very serious attack and a betting attempt against Swedish football. We are never, ever going to accept that and therefore it's important we act with force.

"The starting point for all of our matches is that it should be secure and decided on sporting grounds. Based on this information we can not guarantee the fixture between IFK Gothenburg and AIK is a secure match which will be decided on sporting grounds."

A new date for the fixture must now be agreed upon between the clubs and the league.

Source: PA

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