The Tales Of Flying Dyer

30 November 2012 05:58
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its Flying Dyer! Nathan Dyer is definitely one of the best young wingers in English football with the potential to become a great player. When looking at his stats last year he was by far one of the promising wingers in the Barclays Premier League. So the question is, what must this high flyer do to get called up to the England squad?

Any football fan would agree that Sterling being called up ahead of Dyer is a bit of a shock. I'm not saying that Sterling is not good, but we all know that Dyer is a far better player with a lot more potential. So what must Dyer do to get his call?

It is evident that England managers call players only due to the clubs they play for and not the aspect of choosing certain players that can play with one another. It seems that they overlook players' ability and stats and only look at the BIG clubs they play for.

Dyer has certainly proved that he deserves his call up for England. However, fans would feel that due to Dyer's double yellow and red this recently he is unfit for England duty. This is the Question. However, one cannot penalize a player of his class because of one bad weekend of football, we all know all players have their bad games and thats what makes them human, they are not just machines that can perform week in and week out. Even machines have bad days.

From a football fan's point of view what do you think? Does Dyer deserve his call? Does he deserve his chance? And do players get picked due to the clubs they play for or because of their class and skill and the ability to play with one another? Let us hear your views!

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Source: Swansea MAD