Swansea star blasts officials

23 February 2010 04:33
Tate's outburst comes after boss Paulo Sousa claimed his team had beaten "14 men" at Derby last weekend, just days after accusing the officials of costing them two points at Plymouth.

Tate told the South Wales Evening Post: "It does feel like we are up against 14 sometimes.

"We felt hard done by against Plymouth and again at Derby, but we just have to rise above it like we did at the weekend. We hope things will even out - but then I have been hoping that for a long time.

"We don't seem to have had too much going our way, and that's probably because we are seen as an unfashionable club.

"But we are so used to it now that it doesn't bother us that much. We are fourth now and no-one can take that away from us. It's a great testament to the lads and the spirit we've got."

Source: Team_Talk