When the Black Cats boss is away... Sunderland chairman Quinn Keane to slam ex-manager Roy

22 April 2009 09:23
Niall Quinn has suddenly become very brave now Roy Keane is a safe distance away from Sunderland.

The chairman has taken a shot at his former Republic of Ireland team-mate, saying it was the money which attracted all their better known signings not the lure of playing under Keane when he was manager.

Happy days: Quinn welcomes Keane to the Stadium of Light in 2006

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Instead, when Keane was Sunderland manager, he regularly claimed the man was 'box office'.

In one interview the chairman said: 'He lifted this place off its knees. He turned a region's mindset.'

Now Quinn is trying to shift all the credit for the unfashionable club attracting some B-list players on to majority shareholder Ellis Short, who is expected to take over the club in the summer.

It seems the friendly, likeable chairman is also a less than subtle politician. 

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Source: Daily_Mail