When Pavarotti Sings

27 April 2013 12:59
Di Canio says the hostile reception awaiting him at Villa Park on Monday night will be no more threatening than seeing the late Luciano Pavarotti in concert.

Di Canio: “I wasn’t worried about Newcastle who are the worst enemy supporters for us, so you can imagine, I’m not worried about Villa Park.“For me, it’s like going to the theatre or seeing Pavarotti when he was still alive. It’s an easy place to go.“I hope they are going to concentrate their energies on me, I’m not worried.“It’s important that my players get the result we want and then celebrate and smile.“If I receive another 2,000 bad words about me, I can add that to the millions I got in the past in Glasgow, Rome and Milan!“It’s not an issue.“If we win Monday, we stay up with three games to go.

“Probably not mathematically, but we stay up.”

Source: Sunderland-Mad