What Now For Bardsley?

29 May 2013 12:41
We all know the story of Phil Bardsley lying on a casino floor surrounded by £50 notes, while laughing team-mate Matt Kilgallon looked on.

His behaviour will not be tolerated by Paolo Di Canio, but is the Sunderland boss going over-the-top suggesting the former Man Utd star may have played his last game for the Black Cats?

Di Canio has been criticised in some quarters for publicly slagging off his players after last week’s defeat at Spurs, and I must admit . I find it a little uncomfortable viewing.

Is honesty the best policy on these issues?

Di Canio questioned the professionalism of the players, fair enough, but is there need for them to be 'hung, drawn and quartered' on a public stage?

Such openness and brutal honesty about players is a high-risk strategy for any manager, and those players won't forget the humiliation . I promise you.

Players are like elephants, they have long memories, and it will be interesting to see what happens next season.

Bardsley has another year of his contract remaining at Sunderland, but, Steve Bruce wants to take him to Hull City and don't rule it out.

Roy Keane brought him to the club in 2008 and he has been value for money.

He has already paid for an error of judgment.

Should that be enough?

Source: Sunderland-Mad