Wenger Has Double-Take On Wilshere Treatment

12 February 2013 12:10
Arsene Wenger was not happy with the treatment dished out to Jack Wilshere, BUT then conceded Wilshere has a responsibility to ensure his own fitness and an injury-free career.

Arsene Wenger: "I wasn't happy. It was frustrating because Jack Wilshere didn't get the free-kick he deserved.

"Jack has a big kick on the thigh and he can't walk properly. But it is a question, I hope, of him taking four or five days to recover.

"He can handle it. He's focussed on football and as long as he focusses on the game it will be alright.

"He had given a lot against Brazil and you cannot every three days turn it on like that. From very early in the game he was handicapped.

"I don't want to talk too much about being singled out as I don't want to transform the player to a paranoia attitude. Just be natural and play your game and it is down to the referees to protect him when it is needed.

"The way he plays must take a toll, but it's his game and he has to take that gamble. His game is to take the ball and go at people.

"Messi does that as well and he plays without being injured. You can only make a career with the string aspect of your game and that's his strength. "Messi is a marked man and doesn't get injured so it is possible to play that type of football. You do not want to say "don't play like you play".

"Play like you play, like who you are and express yourself the way you feel. That is the most important thing."

Source: Sunderland-Mad