Time For Johnson To Perform Like An International!

02 March 2013 01:36
Martin O'Neill has admitted Adam Johnson has still not adapted to life at Sunderland.

The former Man City winger came to SOL to get more playing time on the pitch - to boost his hope of a return to the England scene.

Sadly - he is NOT playing like a £10m player.

Martin O'Neill: "When he was playing for Manchester City and was coming on with 20 minutes to go, it was a very different job to what he has now.

"He has come to Sunderland and is almost expected to win games single-handedly - that is not my view, but might be held by a few supporters.

"There is a view that he should go past a couple of players and create something every time he gets the ball.

"It is a change and it is hard, and he has to come to terms with all of that.

"I would be first to admit there is plenty left for him to produce.

"This is the type of form to show Roy Hodgson he should be in the England squad. I think it has been good for him to come here and there is miles more to come from him.

"He might not have realised when he took on the challenge. At Manchester City, there is degree of comfort in that."


Source: Sunderland-Mad