The Match That Changed Danny Rose's Life!

08 February 2013 11:25
Danny Rose said this week he is looking for Premiership football, and Sunderland could move ahead of Spurs in the summer when it comes to choices.

This week Rose would have been on England Under-21s duty for the first time since October . and THAT match in Serbia.

Rose, and other black players in the England team, were subjected to racist abuse before, during and after England sealed a place in this summer’s European Championships.

Rose will miss the opening game of the Under-21s tournament because of the one match ban he was issued with for the red card he received after the final whistle. He kicked the ball away in frustration.

Danny Rose: “I am over that now. A million per cent.

“It wasn’t a nice experience then, but I am over it. It is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.”

"I was confronted by Serbian players which resulted in a brawl . a night I will never forget.

“There are some things I wish I had done differently but it is one of those things.

"People say you should be prepared for them nipping you and trying to aggravate you. I wasn’t mentally prepared for the racial side of it.

“It was a shock because it started in the warm up. My mind wasn’t really on the game from the warm up. I am just thankful the whole team got home in one piece.

“It was frightening. You didn’t know how the police over there would react to us.

Thankfully, we got home in one piece."

Source: Sunderland-Mad