The Geordie Clowns At The Circus!

26 February 2013 05:13
According to BBC News Tyne & Wear, Newcastle United are toying with the idea of building adult-sized slides outside St James' Park in a bid to ease the congestion on matchdays.

Newcastle-based "business improvement" company NE1 are hoping to press ahead with plans to build two slides (which they refer to as "travel accelerators") beside the existing steps that lead down from the stadium to the car park and the Metro station in a bid to "inject some fun" into the city centre.

(St James Park pictured right)

NE1 have been working in conjunction with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents in a bid to alleviate some of the risks of having throngs of 50,000-odd fans bottle-necking on the steps of a Saturday afternoon, and believe that the slides - much like the one already used at Overvecht railway station in Utrecht, Netherlands - are the way forward.


Source: Sunderland-Mad