Sunderland - The New Barcelona!

21 April 2013 12:55
Paolo Di Canio insists Sunderland is his Barcelona.

Paolo Di Canio: “This is a bigger stage than Swindon, for sure.

“At Swindon, my press conferences lasted 25 minutes; here it is one-and-a-half, two hours because there are more people.

“But I will work in the same way, in terms of intensity and desire.

“I will burn my brain to deliver the right job.

“For me, this is Barcelona. It is my team, it is the best I can have and I work as though I am in charge of Barcelona to get the result.

"My culture is that I feel the responsibility to the 45,000 fans at the stadium, but it would be the same whatever the numbers.

“I have this job. I decided to become a manager.

"Someone gave me the chance and I want to give my best, whether there were four people working at the club or 100.

“I feel the same responsibility to the people, and I want to be the best – it is a good combination.

“It wasn’t easy in the first week, but now everything is better.

“Even before the derby I received many letters from fans telling me that they don’t care about anything else, what is important to them is that I am doing my job professionally and doing everything I can to keep the club in the Premier League.

“And after the derby, of course, it has become easier! That helps. But I don’t know you can ever have the support of 100% of the people.

“Even at Swindon, where we won the league and went to Wembley, there are always some fans who don’t like you. They might not like your style or the way the team plays.

“You have to respect that. You can’t make everybody happy.

“Maybe there are some Sunderland fans who didn’t enjoy the way I celebrated [the goals] in the derby. Maybe they were happy that we won, but would prefer to have a manager with more composure, more relaxed.

“I’m sure if you asked every single Sunderland fan, there would be some who might think this. You can’t have everything in life.”



Source: Sunderland-Mad


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