Sunderland Strike-Force Have To Live Up To Price Tag

11 February 2013 03:03
John O'Shea says Steven Fletcher and Danny Graham will prove they are worthy of being labelled a £17m strike force.

John O’Shea: “They’re very intelligent footballers, not just finishers, and that bodes well for the upcoming games.

“They definitely showed they can work together on Saturday.

“They backed in strong into the two centre-backs, and were able to link up very well.

“Fletch gets himself in fantastic positions and because he’s such a good finisher, you generally expect him to score.

“The one where he missed it at the near post, you were expecting him to hit the target.

“But look, he’s been amazing for us this season, we can’t be singling him out for missing chances – other lads could have scored too.

“It’s frustrating when you’re actually playing quite well and the ball doesn’t go in the net.

“If we had got a goal in the 75th or 80th minute, you’d fancy yourselves to go on and win the game.

“But credit to Arsenal they held out, defended very strongly and dealt with set pieces.

“It just didn’t drop in for us, we were so, so close.

“After the first half, we were a little bit lucky to still be in the game – Arsenal played very well and dominated for large periods. We couldn’t seem to get to grips with it.

“We gave it a right go in the second half and even before they went down to 10 men, we were creating more chances.

“Yes, we had a few scares ourselves, but we knew if we were going to get back into the game, we were going to have to push extra men forward and take some chances.

“It was a positive second half from what was Arsenal being very good in the first half.”


Source: Sunderland-Mad