Sunderland Collapse Against Villa

12 February 2013 07:17
Kevin Ball admits Sunderland's Under-21s suffered a second half collapse against Aston Villa.

The Black Cats conceded four goals inside 12 minutes for a 4-0 defeat.

Kevin Ball: “There were too many who didn’t put the effort in that was needed to give you individually a good game, or more importantly help the team.

“It’s important we don’t get het up about the result, which we never have done.

“I’m more concerned about whether the players are prepared to take responsibility, like I have to as a coach.

“Have they done enough for themselves in the game?

“Sometimes when players turn around, you ask the question of them and they think they’ve done well, I sometimes find that difficult to take because are they being honest with themselves?

“Yesterday, I don’t think one or two of them were being honest and they let themselves down and their team-mates down. I can’t accept that.

“No-one likes conceding goals, but there’s different ways of conceding goals.

“Sometimes someone will score an absolute worldie and you accept that and say fair play, that’s a fantastic goal.

“What you do look for whenever a goal is conceded against you is a reaction from the people on the pitch to not allow it to happen again, and especially not very quickly.

“What we saw yesterday was an inevitability where they scored one and we were going to get beat two and then they scored two and we were going to beat three.

“When the scores were goalless, we had some good opportunities where certain people should have been more unselfish.

“If that had been the case, we could have gone ahead in the game which puts a different shape on it.

“We didn’t do that and it could have been five or six in the end.

“That’s the most disappointing thing if I’m honest.”

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Source: Sunderland-Mad