Sunderland Boss Insists 'We Must Make Our Own Luck'!

04 March 2013 09:54
Martin O'Neill has challenged his Sunderland players to make their own luck.

Martin O'Neill: "The last four games we have played, we should not have been beaten in any one of them, and I defy anybody to disagree with me.

"We shouldn't have been beaten in any of the games.

"I suppose we have stopped the run of consecutive defeats, but really a little bit of luck, perhaps, might help.

"But most managers would probably say the same thing. We have got to change things ourselves.

"I preface everything by saying the referee has a really difficult job, a really difficult job, but if those are the directives, then stick with them, don't say, 'Well, maybe it wasn't, maybe it is'.

"Senderos put his hand round, he hit the ball with the hand and it changed course. It's a penalty, it's as simple as that.

"If you see the second half, you always expect something to happen. But on the other hand, if you see the first half, we controlled the game, we dominated then, we scored goals at the right moment.

"The penalty situation was a little bit soft. That happens a lot of times. There was a little bit of contact, but it was never a penalty kick, and that gave them a bit of confidence back.

"They were frustrated and then after that situation, of course, it wasn't easy.

"But even in the second half, we should have scored to make it 3-1 just before they scored to make it 2-2, so in hindsight if you saw the first half, I think we deserved a bit more."


Source: Sunderland-Mad


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