Streetwise Cats please Keane

26 August 2008 07:23
Sunderland manager Roy Keane believes that his revamped side are already showing signs of being more experienced in the way they cope with the challenge of Premier League football. A 2-1 victory at Tottenham Hotspur was enough to convince Keane that his busy summer in the transfer market will prove to be time and money well spent for the future. He told the Sunderland Echo: "It's a good start and we are happy with the progress we are making. "The players are plugging into what I'm telling them and what they have in abundance is desire and determination. "Getting a win at Spurs is great for us, particularly as it is so long since we last got a win there. "We'll still keep it in perspective, we won't be dancing in the streets, but it's progress because last year away from home we weren't particularly streetwise. "We've got a lot more of that now, to add to the character we've always had."

Source: ESA