Steve Bruce sending DVD to Keith Hackett to back up referee complaints

20 November 2009 11:00
The former Manchester United player is seeking talks with Hackett to vent his spleen after saying he had been angered by Marriner's decisions in recent weeks that saw the Midlands-based official send off Sunderland striker Kenwyne Jones.

Bruce saw Jones pick up a three-match ban for pushing over West Ham defender Herita Llunga in a 2-2 draw at the Stadium of Light last month but was left livid when Marriner allowed Blackburn defender Pascal Chimbonda escape with a yellow card for a worse offence.

 Related ArticlesSunderland v Arsenal: match previewThierry Henry handball worse than Maradona, says QuinnBruce said: "I have tried to speak with Keith Hackett and what infuriates us is that Andre Marriner sends off Kenwyne and I see last week where Chimbonda tries to swing a punch at a player and gets a yellow card. What's the difference? He gets a yellow card.

"I have not spoken to Keith yet, I have been trying, but I will. I will send him a copy of the DVD of the incidents. It's the consistency levels to blame for why we all go nuts.

"At the time I said Kenwyne should rightly be punished and he was sent off for pushing someone. Then someone throws a punch last week, hits him on the chin and gets a yellow card.

"I'd better be careful of Big Sam (Allardyce) because I'm talking about one of his players. I apologise to him, but I'm just trying to make a point. Pascal Chimbonda punched another player, he got a yellow card and it was the same referee.

"He's free from suspension and I've asked for that to be cleared up."

Bruce, whose side face Arsenal on Saturday on Wearside, has called for video technology to be introduced into football.

"I thought the referee was excellent in the France versus Ireland game, but he missed the big one," Bruce said.

"When it was thrown into the box I did not see that first one, I thought they were complaining about William Gallas. It was offside for a start and then it was handball.

"I would bring in technology 100 per cent for goals, if there's an absolute decision to be made. Sky had the replay to us within 15 seconds. They had six different angles. If the fourth official is there, why can't they just stop it for ten seconds.

"I have always been of the opinion that they have a hard job. I have the biggest admiration for them, but they are now pros and are paid a lot of money to do the job and I don't think they are always fair and that is what upsets us."

Bruce also took a swipe at Tottenham striker Jermain Defoe following a collision that left Sunderland goalkeeper Craig Gordon nursing a broken arm that will keep him on the sidelines for three months

"Craig gives you that calming influence and he was just getting his confidence back. He played with an injury for a lot of last season and that drained a little bit out of him.

"I was delighted with his form before the injury. He was starting to look the goalkeeper we paid all that money for.

"He certainly caught him. Could he have got out of the road? Only Jermain knows. When I saw it with the naked eye I thought it was 50-50, but when I' ve looked after…

"Craig has a broken arm and he is sore and upset. He has had an operation to put a metal plate inserted and he is disappointed, as you would imagine."

Source: Telegraph