Quinn - Bruce can unearth gems

06 June 2009 03:22
Niall Quinn is hoping Steve Bruce can continue to find 'rough diamonds' after taking charge at Sunderland. The former Birmingham and Wigan boss has earned a reputation over the years for identifying hidden gems in the transfer market. He has never had the luxury of working with a sizeable budget and that has forced him to be prudent in his pursuit of new recruits. It is a philosophy with has paid dividends so far and Black Cats chairman Quinn has challenged Bruce to continue that trend at the Stadium of Light. "His experience does count for a lot in this appointment, there's no doubt about that," he said. "He has taken many a rough diamond and polished them up beautifully, and the clubs he has been with have benefited. "We hope he can do that for us. The good thing he feels right now is he has been told, 'We trust you, your record has been very good on that. If the deal is smart and it's intelligent, we will do it'. "But he also knows we have some very good players at the football club and he has given them a big thumbs-up because individually, we have some great players, there's no doubt about that. "I think we will get the best of both worlds. He will gel what we have, we will see a different team spirit. I hope to see a togetherness next year, all the things a good Sunderland team needs. "If we can get it right in the transfer market as well, then we have a real chance." Risk Meanwhile, Quinn has revealed his relief at seeing Sunderland preserve their Premier League status last season. Taking a gamble on appointing the inexperienced Ricky Sbragia following Roy Keane's departure could have proved disastrous, and Quinn admits he would have blamed himself had the club slipped into the second tier. He said: "I felt had things not worked out and had Ricky not got over the line, I was culpable. "It was a gamble - I admit it was a gamble, but it's a gamble that paid off. "I understand the consequences if it went wrong, but that's why I am in the position I am and that's why I have to make the decisions I do. "It worked this time, so now I have got to take advantage of that. "Ricky has given me the opportunity to take advantage of that, and I am thrilled that Steve has agreed to come and drive it on now."

Source: SKY_Sports