Poyet 'We Have Time On Our Side' - Have We?

21 October 2013 05:21
Gus Poyet has told his rock-bottom Sunderland side they need to start winning games immediately.

Gus Poyet: "On one side, we have time.

"But I don't want to go to the other side and say this game is a final.

"But at the end of the day, it's about winning a football game, and it needs to be now.

"We say in Spain, 'Yesterday and not even tomorrow. Now'. So then we go from there.

"It's a great opportunity. Can we do it? I believe we can, and we are going to work so hard this week to make sure that it is possible.

"I knew what the task was. I know, with my knowledge, what we need to work on," he said.

"But I don't know how quickly it will work. I can't tell people it will work in five days or a month.

"I hope it works really quickly. We cannot lose many more times.

"From my side it's great to have a long week before playing Newcastle.

"Monday to Saturday with the game on the Sunday gives me enough time to work on the pitch with the players, every day.

"I'm not going to say names, but there were players who reacted in a good way to the first goal and players who reacted in a different way.

"Things changed. People stopped doing things or people tried to do too much.

"That's something you shouldn't change. If you believe in what you are doing then you do the same.

"You keep playing and believing. You do it constantly. Every day.

"I used to say, 'Every single ball every day is important'. It wasn't like that in the second half. It's a very good learning situation for me.

"It's about Saturday at 3pm. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what people talk about, what I say or what I think. It's about Saturday at 3pm for 90 minutes and that is the only thing we need to put right."



Source: Sunderland-Mad