Poyet - Let's Bring On The Mackems!

26 November 2013 01:12
Gus Poyet says his long-term vision for Sunderland is to play Mackems in a Mackem team.

Gus Poyet: “Eventually I would like to have 23 players in the first team, 24 max.

“And then I want to know 100 per cent that I’ve got five players in the U21s that when I need them, they can step up.

"I’m not talking about five coming up together because that wouldn’t be easy. But one at a time in different positions.

“Then you know if something happens in a position and you get an injury or suspension, you’ve got two players who can give you some competition.

“You need a system throughout the club. You can call it an identity.

“I don’t want the U21s to be exactly the same as the first-team.

“But with the general basics, yes there should be a similarity and with the U18s as well.

“They need to have a similar idea so when I need two to train in international week, they’re OK and they feel comfortable.

“They’re not suddenly doing the opposite to what they’re used to in training.”


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Source: Sunderland-Mad