Poyet Idea Un-Workable!

19 December 2013 08:13
Gus Poyet has slammed his side's festive fixture pile-up and warned .

. that England’s World Cup chances will continue to be hit until Premier League chiefs vote to bring in a winter break.

But a festive break makes the season SHORTER and an even BIGGER fixture pile-up.

Gus Poyet: “The next five or six weeks is something I don’t understand - why the rest of the world are probably on holidays next week and we have to play 250,000 games in a month and a half.

“Nobody will convince me - it’s not normal. I will even give you Boxing Day - I agree it is a special day in history and everybody wants to play that day - but then take the 27th off until the middle of January.

“Then probably your national team players will get you to the World Cup in a better condition. But I’m not in charge. It doesn’t matter how many times I say it - the winter break is needed and we don’t take it."

Source: Sunderland-Mad