O'Shea v Berbatov - The Key?

01 March 2013 01:07
John O'Shea has warned his team-mates to beware of his former Manchester United colleague Dimitar Berbatov.

John O'Shea: “He [Berbatov] is a fantastic player and everyone knows the quality that he has, you see with the technique he showed for the volley against Stoke – he’s a man we’ll have to keep an eye on.

“He’ll be the player Fulham will play most balls to and go through mostly, but they've still got other players who can pose a threat.

“He’s got literally everything to his game - power and strength that maybe people don’t associate as much with him.

“He’s got the silky touches to go with it as well; he’ll be linking up a lot of their play and we’ll definitely have to keep an eye on him.”

Source: Sunderland-Mad