O'Shea - A Tribute To Ferguson!

11 May 2013 10:52
John O'Shea is a lasting tribute to the good habits instilled in footballers by Sir Alex Ferguson, says Paolo Di Canio.

Paolo Di Canio: “I look at John and he is a good example to any young footballer – he sets himself standards on and off the pitch.

“He is someone who responds very well to being given responsibility and that is a very Manchester United trait – accepting personal responsibility, always wanting to do everything you possibly can in any situation on a football pitch.

“To me, that is because he has had good habits for a long, long time.

“You have to have high standards to play for Manchester United for any length of time under Sir Alex Ferguson.

“But I think what impresses me about John is that he has kept those standards.

“I think it could be tempting for a footballer who has left Manchester United to say OK, I don’t have to work quite as hard or be quite as good.

“But John is not like that, he is always trying his hardest, even now trying to improve and I think we have to respect that.”


Source: Sunderland-Mad