O'Neill - The Best So Far!

27 December 2012 11:15
Martin O'Neill was not in the slightest bit interested in Roberto Mancini's jibe at Sunderland being "lucky" after yesterday's fixture at the Stadium of Light.

Martin O'Neill: "Honestly, I am really not particularly bothered, I am genuinely not bothered about what Roberto Mancini would say about the team.

"I have seen it before with other managers. I'm not bothered. I thought we were terrific today.

"Best performance of the season? Considering the opposition, I would have to say yes.

"We gained a bit of confidence form winning against Southampton and took that into the game, but we knew there would be times when we would have to play without the ball and we would have to defend strongly, and we did both of those very well.

"And yet we were able to carve out some great chances in the game."


Source: Sunderland-Mad