O'Neill Expected Relegation Battle!

11 March 2013 03:58
Martin O'Neill says he expected Sunderland to be in the Premier League relegation dog fight.

Martin O'Neill: "I said before the QPR game that I didn't believe we were out of the relegation battle.

"It's just a strange situation with things so tight in the division at the moment.

"You're only a couple of points away from getting into the top half of the table, but, similarly, if you have a couple of points less then you're right in the middle of things at the bottom.

"I'm not surprised to be where we are. I knew from the off that it was going to be very, very tough.

"We've hit a bad run and that has been disappointing because I have my own view on that - and that is that we shouldn't have been beaten in those games.

"But the reality is we have been beaten and we now need to get some good results more than anything.

"We have to win a game or two, it's as simple as that.

"We have to move on.

"We've got some exceptionally hard fixtures in front of us, but we have to just press ahead and get something out of them.

"And, in that context, the Norwich City game up next becomes a very big one for us."

Source: Sunderland-Mad