Of Course We Expect Success - Why Don't We Get It?

13 June 2013 06:29
Danny Rose believes the 'public' expect too much from the England set-up . when the 'public' expected a lot more than Rose and his mates produced the last week!

The current crop of Under-21s this month became the latest in a long line of teams to fall short of the nation's expectations.

The Young Lions headed into the European Championship among the favourites but became the first team to exit the competition, leaving Israel without a point.

Danny Rose: "We haven't performed as well as we could have done, certainly not as good as we played in the group stages.

"I know the players have been getting a bit of stick but I'd like to think we are all in it together.

"We were when we were winning, so we all should be when we are losing. It's very disappointing and very embarrassing.

"I don't know why people automatically expect England to be contending for these competitions and winning them.

"We last won the World Cup in 1966 so I don't know why people put this expectation on England at all. But there is no excuse for not winning a game.

"I think the expectation should drop a little bit, definitely."

Well if Rose is dropping his expectations . perhaps he is NOT the player up for the task!

Source: Sunderland-Mad