New Mackem Boss - Pass Me The Sick Bucket!

07 December 2011 11:52
Martin O'Neill made his first public appearance as Mackem manager yesterday, and the Kilrea-born (Northern Ireland) former Villa boss said he was "coming home".

Apparently he was a Charlie Hurley fan in his youth and claims to have supported Sunderland "from a distance" - which probably the best way.

It's all nice propaganda from the little leprechaun, who (after Steve Bruces' experience on Wearside) wants it known he is NOT a Geordie . but insists he is a true, genuine, cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die Mackem!

Yes . we had to look for the sick bucket, too.

But he wasn't so keen to join the club five years ago when he was asked.

And it's also interesting to note, on his first day in the job he is talking about LEAVING!

Martin O’Neill: "I was offered the Sunderland job and turned it down, but they were different circumstances five years ago, it was more to do with personal reasons.

“It is a genuine privilege to be here. It really is a fantastic club and it is an honour. I am hoping that on the day I leave, it will have been really worthwhile to have been here."


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