McClean 'I Won't Wear A Poppy Next Year!'

11 February 2013 03:25
Controversial Sunderland winger James McClean - who is happy to pick up his wages in England - says he will refuse to wear a poppy on his shirt next season, too.

He received death threats and attracted a storm of criticism last year after he wore a normal shirt for the game against Everton in the lead-up to Remembrance Sunday, rather than one embroidered with a poppy.

A lad of such strong principle - but if he's so proud of Ireland and where he was brought up - why doesn't he piss off back there?

James McClean: "People have their own opinions.

"They have their beliefs and I have mine. I don’t regret it, come next year I’m going to do the same thing.

"I got a lot of flak from everybody, but I’ll say it again, it doesn’t bother me. Every year I’m not going to wear it, so I’ll take whatever comes.'

"I’m actually not allowed on it (Twitter). It was short and sweet this week and I’ve had to come back off it.

"I was a young lad and it was all new to me. If someone has a go at me I’m going to give some back but I’ve learned to let it go and not bite back as much. And whenever the club let me back on, hopefully I can show them that I have settled down."


Source: Sunderland-Mad