Mag thug fined over Tees - Wear Match

24 February 2012 03:25
Mag's trying desperately to get in on the FA cup action any way they can! A typically thick Geordie who attended the Middlesborough, Sunderland FA cup replay at the Riverside as a pathetic and desperate attempt to get in on some FA cup action as his own team were laughably knocked out by the mighty Brighton.  Has been fined for his pitch invasion, which saw the thug slip and hit the back of one of the Boro players, just after Boro had scored. 

Kevin Price, 47 admitted his idiotic act speaking through a solicitor reporting he was embarrassed and felt completely foolish.

The game finished with Sunderland winning 2-1 which makes he look even more of a fool!

The courts did not serve the thug with a football banning order, being a Mag is punishment enough.