Look At Bracewell And Venison - Graham Can Be A Success!

04 February 2013 08:35
Danny Graham's arrival at the club caused some unrest among Sunderland fans because of his support for Newcastle .

. but forget Lee Clark and that T-Shirt, look at to the positives.

He took the stick last week, yet he STILL wanted to come.

He's got the ambition to put things right, and that can only be good.

Players CAN win over fans. Look over the fence, and Paul Bracewell and Barry Venison did that on Tyneside.

And nobody was more passionate about Sunderland than Venison, and he stood by his Mackem roots thoughout his Newcastle career.

Chris Waddle always told the press he was a Sunderland fan. 

Martin O'Neill: "I wasn't worried.

"It's quite some time since Danny made those remarks to that fanzine [criticising Sunderland]. It's something that's not going to change.

"He was brought up as a Newcastle supporter. Nothing wrong with that. He wanted to come here, in a professional capacity, and he wants to do well. I'm delighted.

"I was impressed with him. He's with us and he wants to do well and I think, in his interviews, he has a bit of determination about himself. I think he'll improve our team.

"The travelling supporters - who have been fantastic - gave him a good reception [at Reading on Saturday], and by the time he goes back to the Stadium of Light, it will be fine.

"He'll score a goal or two for us, and that's what he wants to do. I think that what went on before will be put on hold."

Source: Sunderland-Mad


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