Let Sessegnon 'Do His Thing'!

12 March 2013 05:34
Seb Larsson believes Stephane Sessegnon is the key to get Sunderland away from the relegation zone.

Seb Larsson: "He is massively important for us.

"Everyone knows what he can do. He can win you a game or create a chance out of nothing.

"He has looked really sharp in recent games.

"Hopefully, he will take that on and keep it going until the end of the season. We want him to be a massive player for us.

"With Sess, he is a guy you want to get on the ball. You want to get the ball to his feet and let him do his thing and try to open up some space.

"Sometimes, when he was playing through the middle, that is tough in the Premier League but in the last few games, when he has been out wide, we have been able to give him the ball a bit more and with a bit more space to run into and attack teams.

"Let's just hope we can keep that going."

Source: Sunderland-Mad