Johnson 'You Can Count On Me Boss!'

22 May 2013 12:44
Adam Johnson has voiced his support for Sunderland manager Paolo Di Canio and his strict approach to man management.

Adam Johnson: "He's come in and managers have new things that they want to do.

"The gaffer is big on discipline and if it means us getting more wins, I'm all for it.

"There's nothing worse than losing game after game after game after game all season. I haven't been used to that in my career, so it's been difficult.

"The table doesn't lie. I think the only thing that we can say is that the only way is up for us now.

"We can't get any lower to be honest. We survived and now next season all we can do is progress.

"That's the positive way of looking at it. Over the summer you never know, it's always up to the manager. Time will tell what happens.

"It's been the worst season of my career as a whole, I think. I actually haven't been that bad on the stats side of things, but performances haven't been what I've wanted.

"If you go through goals and assists, I haven't done that bad but performances have been sometimes.

"As a whole you look at yourself and you're honest with yourself. I think in general, everything hasn't gone well.

"We've got to look forward to next season now. It's all we can do."

Source: Sunderland-Mad