Johnson - The Start Of A Player''s Revolt?

14 September 2013 11:39
Adam Johnson says that Paolo Di Canio''s confrontational style of management risks killing the confidence of Sunderland''s players.

Adam Johnson: "You just have to accept he is the manager and get on with it.

"It depends on which type of player you are, I suppose, and how you take it.

"It could kill players' confidence and things, but with other players it could inspire them. You might not even listen to it.

"You have to just get on with it and go with the manager's ways.

"We have seen in a few games where it has really worked. In others it hasn't, so he has to just stick with it.

"We need to do the best we can and start to pick up some points - and deal with criticism.

"You know when you have not done well, but getting told is still getting told. You learn to deal with it when you get older and forget about it quicker, focus on the next game."

Source: Sunderland-Mad