How Many More 'Positives' Before We Win?

30 September 2013 12:34
Despite the defeat against Liverpool, Sunderland's interim head coach Kevin Ball was able to take positives from the game.

Kevin Ball: "I'd be a fool if I hadn't been encouraged by it. A lot of credit should be given to them.

"They have worked hard his week. Yes, they would have liked to have got a result in the game today, but it definitely wasn't for the want of trying.

"Going forward, I have told them that must always be the case. Irrespective of whoever is in charge, they must be the ones who drive it on and not necessarily the man in charge.

"Manchester United come visit to Wearside next Saturday and will I be in charge?

"To be honest with you, I wouldn't like to say.

"If they [the Board] want me to and wanted me to take it forward, great. If they want to do something else, like I have said in the past, that's their prerogative.

"But I have no doubt tomorrow will come and they will ask to speak to us."


Source: Sunderland-Mad