How Important Is Mags Game Now?

08 April 2013 05:35
Alfred N''Diaye believes victory in next weekend''s Tyne-Wear derby with Newcastle is now imperative!

Alfred N''Diaye: "Everybody was disappointed because, as a minimum, we wanted to get a draw from the game with Chelsea.

"We thought we could get that. In the first half, we looked dangerous and had chances.

"I thought we played very well and were unlucky because Chelsea only had two or three chances to get a goal.

"Just before they equalised, we had a corner and 30 seconds later, they scored. That''s not good.

"It''s not good mentally for us to concede so early in the second half. We went into half-time 1-0 up, we had a corner and 30 seconds after, they''d scored a goal.

"It''s very bad that things like that can happen.

"Every time we think we play well and fight, it doesn''t matter. We need points.

"We''ve not won a game in two months and that''s not good. It''s not normal.

"Now we don''t have a choice. We need to win games, against Newcastle and Everton.

"After the game against Man U, the coach told us we were in for training on Monday.

"I just thought I''d come in as normal on the Monday and Tuesday.

"But when I was at home, the secretary texted me to say there was a change of coach. It was a big surprise for me.

"The new manager is obviously different than Martin O''Neill. We''ve done a lot of tactical training over the last week.

"We obviously didn''t have too much time before the Chelsea game. But sometimes, we''ve not even been working with the ball, just doing tactical stuff on the pitch in groups.

"I don''t want to say Martin O''Neill was a bad manager. They''re both good managers, just with different approaches.

"But we''re all enjoying it."


Source: Sunderland-Mad