Have SAFC Had Enough Of McClean?

01 March 2013 12:51
What now for James McClean?

We at SAFC-Mad have stayed on the fence about McClean's latest controversy, aroused by the Sunderland winger's tweet declaring a liking for an IRA song.

But now is the time to voice an opinion, with the "suggestion" that there is much more to McClean than his alleged IRA connections.

News that the relationship between him and his team-mates is at an all-time low, means a whole lot to Sunderland fans than that of tribal grievances.

According to The Daily Telegraph, and the report's accuracy is not in question, calls into question McClean's suitability to be employed much longer by Martin O'Neill and the club owner, Ellis Short.

The article begins by informing readers that the player has been fined two weeks' wages for the tweet in which he acclaimed a song titled "The Broad Black Brimmer," about a boy whose father is killed fighting for the IRA.

As it was McClean's third breach of club rules about his use of social networking sites in rather less than a year and a half, he cannot properly complain.

But the report goes on: "It is understood that McClean has annoyed team-mates with his attitude in training and is in danger of becoming ostracised. Coaching staff have noted his aloofness and O'Neill is wary of rifts growing."

As a footballer, in recent months he has been (at best) ordinary, at worst a passenger.

If the man has an unruly or unresponsive presence in the dressing room, on top of underperforming on the field, his fate decides itself.

Do we need him?

Personally . I cannot wait to see the back of him!

Source: Sunderland-Mad


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