HATCHET MAN: Tough-talking Sbragia has turned out to be Sunderland's soft touch

30 January 2009 11:26
Ricky Sbragia continues to prove he is the Premier League managers' equivalent of beige: boring, little-noticed and easily glossed over.

After the bold, wild approach of the always red Roy Keane, the current Sunderland

manager is his virtually colourless successor.

All talk: Sbragia has failed to back up his tough stance earlier in the month

Oh, and he appears to be powerless too.

After stating quite clearly on January 8 that he 'wouldn't be doing right by the club and I wouldn't be giving myself the best chance of staying in management' if he let his 'best' players leave, the rookie manager added: 'Pascal [Chimbonda] and El-Hadji Diouf have been good. we want them both to stay and that's our intention.'

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  Chimbonda has already signed for Tottenham of course and Diouf is now set to join Blackburn.

Sbragia's tough stance must have faded into the background then.

 Diouf could be set for Sunderland exit after receiving £2.8m bid from Blackburn


Source: Daily_Mail